Welcome to Enola Technologies

My name is Corey.  I started Enola Technologies, LLC because, as an experienced IT professional, I enjoy providing a high level of service and individual attention to each of my clients.

Enola Technologies is my small business that allows me to pursue my passion of helping small business with online presence, e-commerce.  I am employeed full time, so this is a side business for me.

Enola Technologies can design and maintain your website.  I utilize the WordPress patform that allows you to manage the content on your web page with a simple word processor type interface.  If you work in Microsoft Word, you will be able to manage your website with ease!

There are many plug-in modules for WordPress to connect to social media and to expand your websites functionality.  Best of all it’s all open source so you don’t have to pay for expensive custom web applications.

Some examples of websites I’ve created:

On Demand Support and Consulting

When you find yourself in need of any type of computer / network infrastructure support or if you are thinking of doing an upgrade to cloud computing, hardware, software or infrastructure and aren’t quite sure where to start, I’m here to be in your corner.

This is more for those that just have on demand needs, or want an expert opinion, second opinion on a proposal from another vendor.  Possibly you’re looking for someone with a high level of expertise to look out for your best interests in determining a vision for your future computing needs, but have someone else executing the plans internally?

I have over 15 years of experience in  support and consulting.  I have worked and implemented many products, concepts, and visions.  I’ve delt with problems and equipment of all differing types and flavors.

I have low overhead, so I offer labor rates that are very attractive while still providing the high level of skill and knowledge that only 10+ years of experience in various IT infrastructures can bring.

I service the greater Fox Valley region of WI from Green Bay to Appleton down to Fond du Lac and all surrounding communities.  I am also willing to serve Madison, WI and Milwaukee, WI for the right clients.